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Your Home Buyer Now Looks Past Bling for Basic

Posted on May 13, 2019 in Home Décor & Reno's

If you want to recoup your renovation dollars when you sell, be sure to repair that leaky roof before springing for a fabulous new kitchen. 
While a new kitchen may sound seductive, simply upgrading it is likely all you’ll need to do to attract prospective buyers. 
Today’s buyers are purchasing the basics, and they want them in good shape.
According t...

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Starting a RENO? Call Your Insurance Company First!

Posted on May 06, 2019 in Home Décor & Reno's

Here’s something you may not have considered when contemplating a reno:
Be sure to notify your insurance company before taking a sledgehammer to your kitchen. 
Big or small, a home renovation can affect your policy. 
Here’s why:
If it’s a large project, you may have to live elsewhere while the work is completed. 
Unoccupied homes can invalidate a home i...

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Are Renos Worth the Effort for Resale?

Posted on Apr 01, 2019 in Home Décor & Reno's

Are Renos Worth the Effort for Resale?
At some point during the chaos of every renovation, one question is asked: 
“Is it worth it?” 
Is it worth the upheaval? Is it worth the cost? Most importantly, is it worth the effort when it comes time to sell?
The answer: 
It depends. 
It depends on what you choose to renovate. 
Are you planning major overhauls or...

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