October 2019

Protect Your Privacy (and Your Curb Appeal Too)

Posted on Oct 21, 2019 in Landscaping

Protect Your Privacy (and Your Curb Appeal Too)
A 50-foot fence would provide plenty of privacy. 
A moat will keep people out of your yard. 
But I’m guessing you probably want something a little more attractive for your property.
Fortunately, there are tasteful, appealing options that will allow you to keep nosy neighbours at bay. 
The two main areas to...

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50 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Speedy, Top-Price Sale!

Posted on Oct 14, 2019 in Selling Your Home

"Home staging" was coined by Barb Schwarz back in the early '70s, and the concept has become well known as "house fluffing," "dressing to sell," and "home presentation". 
 The focus of staging is to make a home more marketable by creating the most appealing home to the greatest number of prospective buyers. 
It should be impersonal enough not to infr...

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