December 2019

Building a Relationship with Your Lender Partner

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 in Mortgages/Financial

Having a lender partner, or several lender partners, whom you trust implicitly is a great asset for your business. 
The deeper the business relationship, the better.
So how do you go about creating these relationships? 
Here are a few tips.
A good start is to do something simple, like meet with the lender over lunch or dinner, in a quiet restaurant where...

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Hottest Housing Markets for 2020 Across Canada 

Posted on Dec 02, 2019 in Market Updates

  Hottest Housing Markets for 2020 Across Canada Where can we expect to see the greatest real estate activity next year?  recommends keeping an eye on several markets that are poised for success. 

You might not be surprised to discover where some of these hot markets are located, but you may be surprised at why they made the list. 
The top...

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