Finding the Perfect HUES for Your Home!

How do you usually choose the colours for your walls? 
Many consider their favourite shades, or they try to match existing furniture or other décor. 
This is how some people like to do it, but did you know that there are optimal colours for each room type?
The next time you’re ready to splash a new colour on your surroundings, consider choosing a hue that suits the room’s purpose. 
Here are some guidelines you can use as you pick your paint.
Green. This colour is typically associated with calmness and relaxation. 
Green in the bedroom can help you rest well after a hectic day.
Offices: Blue. This shade is a productivity booster. 
As a calming colour, it can help lower your heart rate so you can focus, yet it also stimulates energy so you can work hard.
Dining rooms:
 Red. The colour red is believed to make people hungry. It’s an exciting colour that whets the appetite, making it ideal for the dining room.
Yellow. When cooking, this bright, cheerful colour adds to the joys of food preparation. 
It also creates an inviting atmosphere for the heart of your home, where family and guests often gather.
Living rooms: 
White. By reflecting light, white makes a room appear larger. 
This hue also encourages relaxation. These qualities make it the perfect choice for lounge spaces.
Media rooms: 
Black. It sounds extreme, but consider the atmosphere of a movie theater. 
Black, or another dark shade, allows viewers to focus on the screen as the only light-coloured area of the room. 
The darkness also reduces reflections and improves viewing colour.
Thinking that some of these may be too bold? 
Is your kitchen white, and you want it to stay that way?
If these colours don’t appeal to you for paint selections, consider adding splashes of these shades in each room. 
Add red decorations around the dining table. 
Add some green throw pillows in your bedroom. 
You might be surprised at how well these accents enhance the ambience of each space.