What Makes an Exceptional Vancouver Island Real Estate Agent?

What makes an exceptional Vancouver Island Real Estate Agent is much like what makes an exceptional agent anywhere; mastery of the professional responsibilities, developing ancillary skills, experience, in-depth knowledge of Vancouver Island, excellent communication skills, and a great team.

Mastery. An exceptional agent is a master of the professional responsibilities of guiding people through buying and selling real estate. An agent with mastery understands how to list and search a home to get the best possible results for their clients. They understand how to market a home to show off its best features. Exceptional agents are experts at pinpointing, evaluating, and negotiating the sale price of any local property, knowing the market and the competition well. They’re also masters of professional ethics, honestly and accurately representing their clients’ best interests from start to finish.

Ancillary skills. An exceptional agent doesn’t merely manage listings, home searches, and sales, they have additional related skills they’ve developed over time. They may take great photographs of their listings, adjusting the light and angles until they’ve found the most attractive views. An exceptional Vancouver Island agent understands the attraction to water that drives many people to seek a home here, and they may have learned all about the issues of waterfront and oceanfront property…and may well be fellow boating or sailing enthusiasts who can tell you about our many wonderful marinas. These agents may also have made an effort to learn about local architecture, home repairs, and the basics of contracting bigger repairs. If they don’t have these ancillary skills, the exceptional agents have learned to call in the experts who do, as they know their clients value expertise and a job well done.

Experience. An exceptional agent is one with experience in the Vancouver Island market. It takes time to learn about our many beautiful communities tucked away in the hills and into the shores. It takes time to learn what makes each community special, so they can help each client find the perfect home or buyer. It takes time to make mistakes and learn how to avoid them again, to become an expert at your profession, including real estate. Excellence doesn’t happen overnight, or even in your first year of business. It takes experience to be exceptional.

Knowledge. An exceptional Vancouver Island Realtor knows the communities in which they work, they know the people who live there, they know the markets inside and out. They pull the perfect comparable homes or properties to choose the right listing price or bid. They know the weather, the festivals, the recreation, the job market, and the perfect place for Sunday brunch. They know Vancouver Island, and love it.

Communication. An exceptional Real Estate Agent in any location listens closely to what their client wants and needs, and can put those wants and needs to work toward an end result. They need to know how to ask the right questions, wait for the answers, and put those answers to work for the client. On Vancouver Island, not every client is looking for the same result, but they all have a dream. A truly exceptional agent listens and asks questions until they know exactly what your real estate dream is, then helps you make it come true…whether that’s helping you find your new dream house or business, making repairs and staging your current home to get the price you need from the sale, or even finding that pristine property where you can build to suit.

Teamwork. An exceptional Vancouver Island Real Estate Agent has spent time building a great team. From the office team who make buying and selling a pleasant adventure, to the hand-picked list of professional problem-solvers such as plumbers, carpenters, roofers, cleaners, photographers, surveyors, and more. An exceptional Realtor is ready to handle, accurately estimate, and resolve any issues that come up during real estate transactions. They are happy to share their list with valued clients as part of their superior customer service.

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